EDV’s highly experienced team combines deep sector and functional experience

  • Technical, commercial and investment experience
  • Senior management team
  • Broad market connectivity with industry participants, incubators and accelerator programs
  • Active and globally recognised engagement with the market place

Strong investment origination

  • Excellent AR/VR, AI/ML, Robotics and IoT industry connections
  • Leading technical appraisal skills

General partners with complementary skills and connections

  • Intimately involved with the selection and monitoring of investments
  • Strong commercial evaluation skills
  • Successful exits and entrepreneurial skills

General Partners:

Ric Holland

With entrepreneurial flair as a pioneering Creative Director from age 21 Ric delivered literally 1000s of innovative digital projects internationally while growing his business to 80+ staff. Successfully lead merger/sale to Vision Graphics in late 90’s then exited to start-up MetaCreations’ APAC region from a merger between Fractal Design and MetaTools in Silicon Valley. As Creative Director for IBM he lead first large scale UX projects in APAC. A Senior lecturer at University of NSW, UTS & AFTRS. Researcher UNSW – NUI and Human Computer Interaction while serving on many Advisory Boards. As a Global Manager at Wacom Technology he authored ‘Art of Making Marks’ a 25 year history of Wacom NUI/UX ecosystems and lead global web UX redevelopment strategy. Was start-up community GM for Ninefold and CMO for Offis Multi-Cloud Innovation where he sponsored the AR/VR meet-ups, curated and produced many premium tech innovation events. He currently mentors and maintains a global network of digital innovators.

Mark Kogos

Career in the finance and mergers and acquisitions industry, having implemented transactions for self managed enterprises at the start-up phase through to major Australian and international corporate groups. Mark was formerly with National Australia Bank and PwC’s M&A/ITS Team. He has a history of early stage investing in tech focused start-ups in both Australia and New Zealand, including successful listing of Commsoft on ASX and Plexure Ltd on the NZX. As the co-founder of BHD Capital, Mark is actively working to list a major private clean tech business in the oil and gas sector on the LSE in 2019.

Mark Holland

Career in quantitative financial applied mathematics and software development. Financial mathematical modeler at Westpac group at the front line in corporate/project/financial markets, programming models that facilitated deal-making activities. Researcher at Macquarie University developing and implementing models, scanning share market data of all the stock-exchange companies listed in Australia and the US over 60 years. Wrote corporate treasury software in Europe, UK and North America, Algorithmic trading equities systems, commodities dealing analytics, aviation finance, retail POS/ERM. University Lecturing – B Comm/Applied Finance – Business Statistics/Economics. Geothermal Energy Modeling – presented at Australian Geothermal Energy conference 2010, 2011, 2012; Mathematical Physics – Geometric Algebra.

EDV’s highly experienced team is constantly active in local and international networks, events, conferences and meetups.