Extreme Digital Ventures is seeking investment partners to be part of the first fund in Australia focused on The Fourth Wave.

This investment is an excellent opportunity for strategic investors seeking to gain both technical and financial exposure to early stage, leading edge technology developments in the fields of XR/AI/Robotics/IoT – sectors that are going to transform our daily lives.

Extreme Digital Ventures will provide expert assistance, guidance and valuable introductions to promising early stage VR, AR and MR start-ups, focusing on a broad spectrum of sectors – from infrastructure and development tools to content and applications, and invest on a granular basis across these early stage investments. Our aim is to assist these companies to deliver unique technology globally through our international network with the aim of accelerating sales through access to capital, management input and strategic relationships.

The attributes Extreme Digital Ventures is looking for are Global Market applicability and Advanced Technologies capable of protection through Proprietary IP.